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kinetic artwork for Brisbane Airport

Tuesday, August 07, 2012 § 0

Brisbane Airport Community (BAC) and Urban Art Projects plan to adorn the façade of a new carpark at the airport’s domestic terminal with an eight-story kinetic artwork. American artist Ned Kahn will employ over 2,50,000 metal squares and 1.4 million fittings to erect the wind-sensitive moving wall. The metal plates will swing with breeze to heighten the visual appeal of the high tech front elevation.


Daniel Clifford, project director, said…
The Brisbane Airport car park facade artwork is inspired by the waterways of Brisbane and the reflections of boat moorings in the river. Photographs of the river were taken from the New Farm floating walkway and these were translated into the final design ... ensuring that the artwork remains site-specific to Brisbane.

 The following video shows how the facade (kind of) will look and move BUT in a much larger scale.

Via: BrisbaneTimes

meine stehlern

Monday, August 06, 2012 § 0

ich weiß, ich vermisse dich, und was kann ich tun ist beten und halte dich in meinem Herzen .. bis zu dem Tag, als ich dein Lächeln zu sehen und wir werden Hand in Hand