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goodbye googlesketchup. welcome the sims city 4

Friday, April 22, 2011 § 0

"The ability to honestly and quietly reflect on one's life is one of the most powerful tools for personal growth." - Richard Carlson

1am :) my fool was uninstall the goglesketchup , now time's to imagine and exploding the ideas with "the sims-game" i'm addicted to build a great stylish-building

my old precious

Tuesday, April 05, 2011 § 0

semi-bike racing
gotta crazy and being little crazy remembered what's pass trough 4years lately!

BMX bike
<<<<  I've never touch this one since i moved to Jogja!
just leave it on my little garage with another   (My eld'brother) old-bike racing, 4wheel bike, my-girlchild-old-bike, (memoriam) gazelle bike, (memoriam) bajaj vespa and sprint vespa.

<<<< gotta see him soon! by the end of April !


 <<< my old one was like this, but it have a hadlebar just like this  >>>>>>>>  

actually, it was my bother's .. but, since he's busy enough! i claim it's mine! (good little sister)

Maybe in 7 or 8 years later..

Monday, April 04, 2011 § 0

my future house would be have a roof and back-sight view  like this.. (rumah gadang)
from the entrance gate will be a way (tunnel-way) is made ​​from jasmine-shaped like a roof, 
on the right and left of the road planted pine tree

i'll prefer have a wide garden.. with a fountain made from nature stone, a cherries, mangoes tree and a liliac or orchid that made like a gate .. a roof for small swing-toys
And the front of the house will have a 'pendapa'  which have Javanese ornaments.. used for training a Javanese traditional dance or it will just being a place for gathering, playing, any-activities need in open air

I'll have a house with a blend of Indonesian ornaments are "brown"but comfortable. will definitely be a lot of wood .. floor would bemade ​​of wood, also a black marble stone.
in the middle of the house .. maybe there will be a small parkcovering an area of ​​4x3 meters only .. there is a bird cageturtledove, or if lucky I can have a bird of paradise or peacocks.

can't hardly wait when i could use the AcDsee or 3Dmax.. I'll show you what's my traditional house would be mixed by unique but simple creation!

THANKS GOD ! It's Friday ^.^

Friday, April 01, 2011 § 0

#aprilwish, ya Allah lancarkan dan mudahkan dalam menempuh UN 2011 :) Amin .. 

Kawula mung saderma, mobah-mosik kersaning Hyang sukmo
Fulfill your duties and responsibilities leave the rest to God 
Lakukan yang kita bisa, setelahnya serahkan kepada Tuhan.
thanks for visit my blog, astikusuma.com
please prayer from you all, soon I'll be the final exam.
successful also for all of you!
happy blogging, I'll visit you later, friends!